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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Transit of Saturn in Scorpio 2014 Results Remedies and Predictions for 12 Zodiacs ( Moon Signs) as per Vedic Astrology- Transit of Saturn in Scorpio :-Part-III.

Transit of Saturn in Scorpio 2014 Results Remedies and Predictions for 12 Zodiacs ( Moon Signs) as per Vedic Astrology transit of Saturn in Scorpio :-Part-III.
My 2 earlier posts on the recent transit of Saturn in Scorpio as per the Vedic Astrology calculations, were regarding the mundane indications for the world in general and the latter for the first 6 zodiacs or Moon signs.
Today I would conclude my transit predictions for Saturn with the indications for the rest 6 zodiacs. As the world moves in a definite pattern based on the movements of planets and resultant influence on the mother nature and the subjects occupying the planet , there could be little choice for the humans but to be part of the system and try to align with the system and be at peace with oneself and with the nature. As indicated by me many a time I do not believe in a pure free will theory of the rationalists nor in the school that propagates that one is chained to the mercy of the fate . However the truth lies somewhere in between . Limited free will and freedom within the over all pre- planned agendas is being granted for the living beings presumably to make it appear that the conscious human beings are using their free will for their achievements or failures in their life.
The human freedom is like the freedom of a cattle tied to a rope with a limited length. Although it might appear that the animal could move around its contours of liberty is already pre defined, perhaps not known to the animal .

The influence of the transit Saturn in Scorpio for the last 6 zodiacs of the solar system is discussed below.

Libra:- The last 2 and a half year of transit Saturn in Libra had a mixed effect on the natives of this zodiac in as much as , the zodiac Libra being the exaltation point of Saturn while the movement also meant the middle period of the 7 and a half Saturn for the native.
The ensuing 27 months period of the movement of Saturn would affect the natives  of this Rasi adversely from the point of view of Income, family ,and relationships in general. The mental peace of the people would be at stake and there is a need to take care of the health. The focus here is on the gains and income and as such one is advised to be careful in ones budget. The planet Saturn being yoga karaka for these natives and the aspect of Jupiter for the first 8 months would mitigate the evil effect to a considerable extend.
You are in the midst of the seven and a half Saturn ( Sadesathi) and you are warned too. Saturn being 3rd and 4th lord is neutral yet its placement in own Rasi would trigger all sleeping health problems and make one worried for both the body and for the mind.
The Moon of the Scorpio is debilitated and the people born on Scorpio rasi would have a volatile mind and indecisive approach to life and situations unless compensating features are present in the chart.To add fuel to the fire Saturn now afflicts the moon thus making the mind more vulnerable to wrong, hasty and trivial decisions. One also could get worried often and get absent minded and lose articles and opportunities.

The middle portion of sade-sathi or seven and a half Saturn period is a period of great challenges and missed opportunities. While one could try with all his/her might one also need to cultivate a philosophical attitude towards life for peace and contentment?

Sagittarius:-(Dhanu Rasi)
Transit Saturn being in 12th rasi you are just in the beginning of Sade Sathi. Mounting expenditure,  reduced income , increase in opposition etc could maul you unless you have strong will and meticulous planning. People whose chart is strong with a good second house and lord and with a strong Jupiter and strong Moon would escape the wrath with their might while the natives with weak planets and houses concerned would have serious problems with their financial management.
Seperation from spouse and lack of sleep could make a toll on the health. One is advised to perform the remedies to mitigate the impending catastrophe.
Capricon (Makara):-
Like the virgo natives Capricon  is the other Rasi ( Zodiac)that gets benefited by this transit.Transit Saturn being in 11th the house of gains all round gains could be expected.However ill health for children and problems in ones own health need to be watched. Saturn being the lord of the Rasi being in 11th would of course would give physical happiness.
Being the lord of second in 11th the coming 2 and a half year period , would be of gains and profits.

Saturn the lord of this zodiac moves into 10th house the house of career and work. One could expect a change for the better in career since the lord of the rasi is moving into 10th unlike other rasis. Had been any other arsi this transit could have brought problems at work place. The natives of this Rasi would also face more expenditure, separation from family, and sleeplessness.It could create problems in gadgets/vehicles/articles and also could separate one from his family. The only solace is the lord ship of lagna and 12th as well as the aspect of Jupiter to the Saturn for another 8 months.One is advised to follow the karma reversals at their will and choice.

Pisces ( Meena):-
Saturn is moving into  your house of luck and this is one of the trines that is favorable. Saturn is normally favorable in all upachaya houses of 36 10 and 11 besides the house of trines the 5th and 9th . The 11 th lord moving into 9th brings unexpected gains and windfalls besides spiritual and philanthropic pursuits.  You could get moved by others sufferings and agony.

The relationship with the younger ones i.e younger siblings and with neighbours could be strained. Those who want to give you trouble for their advantage will get disappointed .The presence of Jupiter in 5th in an exalted state aspecting the Saturn could make the financial position still comfortable.

I would be suggesting religion neutral remedies first since Karma reversal is common to all irrespective of your school of thought. I would also be suggesting religious remedies .
1)   Donations to old people and destitutes. providing of  help for health causes would be better since Saturn is placed in Scorpio.
2)   Feedings of Crows and buffaloes on Saturdays or Tuesdays.
3)   Help for people who are lame/physically differently abled.
Religious Remedies:-
1)   Offering of lamp and oil to Saneeshwara in Navagraha temple or Sani temple
2)   Visit to Sani Singhapur or Thirunellar temple in T.N. or any other similar exclusive Sani temples.
3)   Offer oil in a horse shoe in a container and light Lamps in Sani or Hanuman temples on a Saturday.
4)   Special prayers on Saturday in church/mosque/synagogue situated in North west to your place of residence.
5)   Recite Sani ashothrara Nama on Saturdays.
Righteous living and compassion towards the society and above all leading the life as a good human being could stall any serious setbacks as I have experienced in my 30 yesras of astrological experience. No amount of remedies would salvage you unless you align with the mother nature and its inhabitants whether living or non living and treat every other fellow beings and animals and birds with compassion and care. I would therefore advise all those who have affliction by Saturn to be charitable, compassionate, and righteously inclined.

I pray the Mother nature and my most revered preceptor Lord Shiva to grant their blessings for one and all.
 Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavandu!!

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