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Sakata Yoga Results and Rules Revisted- A Different Approach to Sakata Yoga and its Effects.

Sakata Yoga- Results and Rules Revisited-  Does Sakata Yoga leads to Penury?

By Raveendranath Menon.MJ,MBA,CAIIB,B.Com.

Dr. B.V Raman quoting from the classic texts defines Sakata Yoga as follows..
“The Moon in the 12th ,6th or 8th from Jupiter gives rise to Sakata Yoga”( 300 Important combinations by Dr. Bangalore Venkata Raman...)

He further elucidates the result of this infamous yoga as follows
“The native loses fortune and may regain it, He will be ordinary and insignificant. He will suffer from poverty , privation and misery. He will be stubborn and hated by relatives”
Further Dr. Raman take exception to the rule by stating that “In the large number of horoscopes examined by me I have been able to mark that sakata yoga has not really made the natives poor and wretched but often the degree of wretchedness has been nominal”( 300 important combinations by Dr. B.V. Raman pub by Motilal Banarsidas Pub co.)
While the doyen of vedic astrology of modern times had his own reasons to give an explanation about its results ,let us see the Sakata yoga from a slightly different angle and as proved from many a practical horoscopes that I would illustrate later in a separate  article.

Sakata Yoga A yoga of Moon:-

Although the planets involved in this most infamous yoga are Jupiter and Moon two first rate benefics while in strength, the Yoga really evolves around the moon which is why the yoga itself is called Sakata yoga or the yoga of ups and downs akin to the phases of the moon , viz. Waxing and Waning....
Let us once again go through the conditions prescribed for the yoga viz. Moon need to be placed in 12th , in 8th or even in 6th from Jupiter. It is but natural that when the moon is placed in 6th or 8th from Jupiter , the jupiter would also be in a similar relationship with that of Moon. However Moon  in 12th to Jupiter would naturally place the jupiter in 2nd to Moon which should endow the native with wealth, eloquence and good family by the natural principles of Astrology. Without discounting the dictum “ Kaarako Bhaava Nashakaha” one could argue that Jupiter being the Dhanakaraka and second house being the Dhana bhaava the karakatwa of jupiter could spoil the house and hence the evil result.  However this cannot be applied verbatim in all cases for eg. A person with Mithuna Rasi jupiter in second to Moon being the 10th lord in exaltation and also in a karma thrikona would grant mooney, power and affluence for sure. How then one could assign the evils of Shakata yoga for such a  native. The interesting feature of this yoga is that no authority of Vedic Astrology has exempted this yoga from any permutation or combination that is to say if either the moon or Jupiter or even both being exalted or in own house (Eg:Moon in Taurus and Jupiter in Sagitarius)in the chart does not exempt the native from Shakata Yoga which is unpalatable to say the least. In a chart where Moon is exalted in Rishabha and the Jupiter being placed in Dhanus could produce a classic Shakata yoga without any disputes. However one cannot ignore the fact that both the Moon as well as the Jupiter is in all strength in such a horoscope and could well add to the inheritance and wealth of the native unless very strong Daridra Yogas are found in the chart. So to conclude jupiter in second to moon or Moon in 12th to jupiter which is more convincing contextually , may not do much damage for the native , clinically one might assign a Sakata yoga for the chart though.

Shakata Yoga Vs. Adhi Yoga:-

Let us move to the second combination of Jupiter in 6th to the moon or in other words the Moon in 8th to Jupiter. Clinically it is a classic case of Sakata yoga irrespective of the placement of Jupiter or Moon. However the puzzling irony is that the same combination has also been referred as Chandradhi Yoga in many a classic Vedic Astrology Text , the results of which is abundance of wealth and affluence...In such a case as a rationale astrologer which yoga you would take into consideration while making predictions?

Leaving the 2 of the three positions, finally we come to the third combination of Jupiter being in 8th to moon or Moon being in 6th to Jupiter. Here again the Adhi yoga spoils the game of Shakata yoga as the placement of jupiter in 8th to Moon results in Chandradhi yoga....

Is then the  Shakata yoga  a misnomer? Is it a yoga that has been propounded by seers without much of reserach? Definitely not....The  seers who were all thrikala jnanais knowing all the three phases of time viz the Past , the present and the future cannot do such an omission.The truth lies somewhere in between...

Position lost only to Regain it:-

Let us go back to the Phala shruthi once again..” The native loses the fortune only to regain it again” that proves the point here . A person with a shakata yoga could face innumerable sufferings and ignominy during a life time although he/she would come back to the coveted position sooner or later.

Adhi Yoga and its application in relation to Shakata Yoga:-
This also pin points and fore warns to another fact in vedic astrology that all the yogas prescribed from Lagna cannot be applied ditto to that from Moon. The Adhi yoga from the ascendant is an upper and superior yoga rather than an Adhi yoga from Moon known as Chandradhi yoga to say the least.

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Written on 9 December 2014
Karthikai/Vrischika 23..1424/1190.

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