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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Disclaimer & Service Policy

Disclaimer:-It is an accepted fact that Vedic Astrology could of immense help to people. However Scriptures also suggest that The individuals are responsible for their own future and no one in no way could claim to alter, control or modify the life. Predictions of Astrology are based on established principles considered to be scientific based on the movements and position of planets. All predictions and suggestions provided by the service providers at the links given in the blog are made by the respective professionals on the given place, date & time of birth. All actions taken by you based on our horoscope readings are at your own risk. Also we can not be held liable for any consequence arising out of your actions based on the predictions you receive from the service providers we link from this site. The service provided by the respective sites/blogs linked by us are their sole responsibility and no claim for any actual or consequential loss or for any damages ,refunds or compensation will be entertained by us.

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