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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Sakata Yoga Results and Rules Revisted- A Different Approach to Sakata Yoga and its Effects.

Sakata Yoga- Results and Rules Revisited-  Does Sakata Yoga leads to Penury?

By Raveendranath Menon.MJ,MBA,CAIIB,B.Com.

Dr. B.V Raman quoting from the classic texts defines Sakata Yoga as follows..
“The Moon in the 12th ,6th or 8th from Jupiter gives rise to Sakata Yoga”( 300 Important combinations by Dr. Bangalore Venkata Raman...)

He further elucidates the result of this infamous yoga as follows
“The native loses fortune and may regain it, He will be ordinary and insignificant. He will suffer from poverty , privation and misery. He will be stubborn and hated by relatives”
Further Dr. Raman take exception to the rule by stating that “In the large number of horoscopes examined by me I have been able to mark that sakata yoga has not really made the natives poor and wretched but often the degree of wretchedness has been nominal”( 300 important combinations by Dr. B.V. Raman pub by Motilal Banarsidas Pub co.)
While the doyen of vedic astrology of modern times had his own reasons to give an explanation about its results ,let us see the Sakata yoga from a slightly different angle and as proved from many a practical horoscopes that I would illustrate later in a separate  article.

Sakata Yoga A yoga of Moon:-

Although the planets involved in this most infamous yoga are Jupiter and Moon two first rate benefics while in strength, the Yoga really evolves around the moon which is why the yoga itself is called Sakata yoga or the yoga of ups and downs akin to the phases of the moon , viz. Waxing and Waning....
Let us once again go through the conditions prescribed for the yoga viz. Moon need to be placed in 12th , in 8th or even in 6th from Jupiter. It is but natural that when the moon is placed in 6th or 8th from Jupiter , the jupiter would also be in a similar relationship with that of Moon. However Moon  in 12th to Jupiter would naturally place the jupiter in 2nd to Moon which should endow the native with wealth, eloquence and good family by the natural principles of Astrology. Without discounting the dictum “ Kaarako Bhaava Nashakaha” one could argue that Jupiter being the Dhanakaraka and second house being the Dhana bhaava the karakatwa of jupiter could spoil the house and hence the evil result.  However this cannot be applied verbatim in all cases for eg. A person with Mithuna Rasi jupiter in second to Moon being the 10th lord in exaltation and also in a karma thrikona would grant mooney, power and affluence for sure. How then one could assign the evils of Shakata yoga for such a  native. The interesting feature of this yoga is that no authority of Vedic Astrology has exempted this yoga from any permutation or combination that is to say if either the moon or Jupiter or even both being exalted or in own house (Eg:Moon in Taurus and Jupiter in Sagitarius)in the chart does not exempt the native from Shakata Yoga which is unpalatable to say the least. In a chart where Moon is exalted in Rishabha and the Jupiter being placed in Dhanus could produce a classic Shakata yoga without any disputes. However one cannot ignore the fact that both the Moon as well as the Jupiter is in all strength in such a horoscope and could well add to the inheritance and wealth of the native unless very strong Daridra Yogas are found in the chart. So to conclude jupiter in second to moon or Moon in 12th to jupiter which is more convincing contextually , may not do much damage for the native , clinically one might assign a Sakata yoga for the chart though.

Shakata Yoga Vs. Adhi Yoga:-

Let us move to the second combination of Jupiter in 6th to the moon or in other words the Moon in 8th to Jupiter. Clinically it is a classic case of Sakata yoga irrespective of the placement of Jupiter or Moon. However the puzzling irony is that the same combination has also been referred as Chandradhi Yoga in many a classic Vedic Astrology Text , the results of which is abundance of wealth and affluence...In such a case as a rationale astrologer which yoga you would take into consideration while making predictions?

Leaving the 2 of the three positions, finally we come to the third combination of Jupiter being in 8th to moon or Moon being in 6th to Jupiter. Here again the Adhi yoga spoils the game of Shakata yoga as the placement of jupiter in 8th to Moon results in Chandradhi yoga....

Is then the  Shakata yoga  a misnomer? Is it a yoga that has been propounded by seers without much of reserach? Definitely not....The  seers who were all thrikala jnanais knowing all the three phases of time viz the Past , the present and the future cannot do such an omission.The truth lies somewhere in between...

Position lost only to Regain it:-

Let us go back to the Phala shruthi once again..” The native loses the fortune only to regain it again” that proves the point here . A person with a shakata yoga could face innumerable sufferings and ignominy during a life time although he/she would come back to the coveted position sooner or later.

Adhi Yoga and its application in relation to Shakata Yoga:-
This also pin points and fore warns to another fact in vedic astrology that all the yogas prescribed from Lagna cannot be applied ditto to that from Moon. The Adhi yoga from the ascendant is an upper and superior yoga rather than an Adhi yoga from Moon known as Chandradhi yoga to say the least.

If you have personal queries  You could request a reading here if you so desire.

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Written on 9 December 2014
Karthikai/Vrischika 23..1424/1190.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Shankha Yoga - Results ,Relevance and Logic of Shankha Yoga - A lateral View on Vedic Astrology Yogas! :-

Sankha( Shankha) Yoga - Relevance and Logic of Sankha Yoga - A lateral View on Vedic Astrology! :-

By Raveendranath Menon, M.J.,MBA, CAIIB,B.Com.

Of the many Raja yogas and Dhana yogas illustrated in many an astrological text Sankha( Shankha) Yoga is one which is distinctly unique and also perhaps a little less talked about. I have wondered many a time how the association of a dusthana ( malefic house) lord with  a favourable lord could produce one of the excellent Maha ( Great)  yogas that ensures wealth, Good family, Children and long and healthy life for the natives? Before we proceed further  I need to explain what is Shankha Yoga all about and what are the results stated in the classical texts for Sankha( Shanka) Yoga?

What is Shankha Yoga or how it is formed? What are the results of Shankha Yoga as per classical text on Vedic Astrology?

If the lords of the 5th and the 6th  houses from the Lagna ( Ascendant) in a vedic Astrology birth chart happened to be in mutual Kendras and if the lord of Lagna is powerful, Shankha Yoga  is said to occur….

The Result of Shankha Yoga:-
The  people born with Shankha Yoga in their Birth  chart are fond of pleasures,  are humanitarian, blessed with good wife, children , lands and houses. They are righteously inclined, and would be doing good deeds. They are learned in sciences, and lives up to a good old age .

In fact should one analyse the literal meaning of the results of Shankha yoga , one would be baffled by the wider connotations of this rare and unique yoga . No other yoga as per vedic astrology either among the Dhana yogas  or among the Raja  Yogas. has attributed  such variety of benefits for the natives of charts with the Shankha yoga. It not only focus on wealth, but also on  happiness from the family , Character and good disposition of the individual, and Knowledge and Longevity of the native. In fact it bestows the owner with all the Purusharthas  viz.Dharma Artha  and Kama  leaving only one of the 4 ends of a human life viz Moksha. But reading between the lines , it also hints at Moksha by assuring the native good longevity with all carnal desires full filled during one’s life time preparing one for the last journey to the permanent abode .Perhaps no other  Raja yoga or Dhana Yoga in the Vedic Astrology has assigned such high benefits for the native. Going by the deep wisdom and the sharp intuition of the great seers of this motherland who have discovered the Yoga tens of thousands  of years ago  , I have no doubt or reservations in accepting the Yoga as such. However as a student of this great science some scattered thoughts that comes to my mind might be well do good as food for thought for the thousands of Vedic astrology Enquirers .

Shankha Yoga Explained from  different Angles:-
Shankha Yoga is  the simplest among all yogas to form and also to observe without having any complicated principles of references or connections to dispositors or stellar lords or even  to Divisional lords or to their strength being prescribed. Shankha yoga is based on just 2 factors viz. The strength of the lagna Lord and  the mutual angle positions ( Kendras) of 5th Lord and the 6th Lord. If the 5th and 6th lords are in angles to each other It could be placed together in any house in the chart or it could be in mutual angle position with reference to each other and not necessarily to be placed in angles with refrence to lagna  . The strength of Lagna lord though does not call for any explanation we can say that the Lagna lord may not be debilitated  either in Rasi or in Navamsa Or cannot be placed in Dusthanaas viz.  8th or 12th without being   either in own house or  in own Navamsa or in Vargothama or in its exaltation . One would raise his eyebrow when one read the above sentence since I have avoided the 6th house!!  First,  6th is not only a dusthana but also an upachaya house . Secondly the Sankha yoga itself is based on the lord of 6th and as such I cannot see any logic in treating 6th as a malefic house.  I Have the backing of the basic principles of Vedic Astrology in as much as the treatment of  6th house is concerned. A benefic planet placed in 6th from lagna is considered as constituting  Adhi yoga and not being taken as  un favourably placed . Further in all Dhana yogas 6th plays a vital role. Hence this exception to 6th.  I have also practically observed this phenomenon in many horoscopes which would be illustrated later in an article on applied Shankha Yoga.

The Rationale of Shankha Yoga Analysed ??!!

The 6th house is known as Artha ( wealth, material benefits) trikona. Trikona otherwise referred as Trine in English terminology is the 5th and 9th houses besides the Lagna , lagna being both a trine and an  Angle. When we refer a trine house from the house of wealth viz 2nd we get 2 houses viz. the 6th and the 10th. Thus 6th comes into prominence . It is in fact this qualification of the 6th house makes it eligible to form various Dhana yogas viz. Adhi yoga , Shankha yoga etc. On a similar analogy if someone refers the mutual angle position of 5th and 10th lord it could be also another Sankha yoga perhaps a better one being the upper Artha thrikona. However the learned and erudite sages has referred Shankha yoga only in reference to the 5th and 6th lord and not from 5th and 10th for reason unknown. The mutual angle position of 5th and 10th in fact makes a powerful Dharma karmadhipathi yoga only if they are in 180 degrees apart that is only when they are  in diametrically opposite to each other in the chart.
Another dimension to the Shankha yoga is again with reference to the House of wealth 2nd. 5th house being an angle (4th) to the second and 6th being a trine(5th) the mutual angle position of these two add value to the wealth of the native. Of course this applies to the 10th house also. But why then Sankha yoga is taken only from 6th and not from 10th?

Shankha yoga is being referred not only as a Dhana ( Wealth) yoga but also as a yoga that bestow the person, longevity, Knowledge , Good family and Children besides righteous deeds and benevolence. How these traits are derived from the 6th house? Let us examine this one by one…

The accumulation of wealth is being derived from the combination of  Artha  Trikona and Artha Kendra ( ?) on the same analogy of any combination consisting of  of Kendra and Tri Kona( Trine and angle combinations). As far as the longevity is concerned the same is to be reckoned from the 8th house. The 5th being the 9th of 8th the best Kona( Trine) of 8th and the 6th being the 10th of 8th the best Kendra( Angle) of 8th the result is all the more convincing……

As far as the Knowledge and family ( Spouse and children)are  concerned the second house again comes into focus.. In fact the 2nd house is not only a dhana sthana it is also a house of family, learning speech as well as the house that helps the sustenance of the life itself. Hence the combination of 5th and 6th lord give rise to the prosperity of all these faculties and achievements viz. Wealth, family, learning and even looks as the second house represents the face and the facial features.

Having agreed to all the above traits that is being assigned for a powerful  Sankha yoga, how come the righteous actions and benevolence comes in to picture? These being the basic pillars of Good karma and that which decides the future course of destiny of a soul..?

The Dharma that is based on righteous deeds and love of all is represented by the best Trine the 9th . The 5th being the 9th to the 9th and the 6th being the 10th to the 9th there cannot be any dispute with regard to the results assigned by the masters and the great sages of India for this otherwise less analysed yoga.. I can but only bow to their unlimited wisdom and uncanny ability of intuition and knowledge that baffle me as a student of this great science.

Finally before I conclude this write up, I would like to add one more dimension to this Yoga that is perhaps concealed in the words of the great masters and not explicitly written .. that is Moksha or final emancipation! When one is bestowed by all the three purushaarthas ( Basic Human Ends), it is but natural to follow the 4th one that is Moksha. The Phala shruthi of Shankha  yoga does not make a mention of Moksha for the Shankha yoga but the same would also be bestowed on the natives of charts having Shankha yoga… One would not have any desire left when the person is blessed with all the three Dharma Artha and Kama in life and as such it is a perfect situation that could lead to the liberation from desires paving way to the eternal freedom of the soul from the cycle of birth and death.

If you have personal queries  You could request a reading here if you so desire.

With Prayers to my Eternal Master Lord Shiva and with Salutations to the Great Sages  who authoured  this divine Yoga…

( Copy right Reserved)

Written on 7th December 2014.
Karthikai./.Vrischika ….21st 1424/1190.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Transit of Saturn in Scorpio 2014 Results Remedies and Predictions for 12 Zodiacs ( Moon Signs) as per Vedic Astrology- Transit of Saturn in Scorpio :-Part-III.

Transit of Saturn in Scorpio 2014 Results Remedies and Predictions for 12 Zodiacs ( Moon Signs) as per Vedic Astrology transit of Saturn in Scorpio :-Part-III.
My 2 earlier posts on the recent transit of Saturn in Scorpio as per the Vedic Astrology calculations, were regarding the mundane indications for the world in general and the latter for the first 6 zodiacs or Moon signs.
Today I would conclude my transit predictions for Saturn with the indications for the rest 6 zodiacs. As the world moves in a definite pattern based on the movements of planets and resultant influence on the mother nature and the subjects occupying the planet , there could be little choice for the humans but to be part of the system and try to align with the system and be at peace with oneself and with the nature. As indicated by me many a time I do not believe in a pure free will theory of the rationalists nor in the school that propagates that one is chained to the mercy of the fate . However the truth lies somewhere in between . Limited free will and freedom within the over all pre- planned agendas is being granted for the living beings presumably to make it appear that the conscious human beings are using their free will for their achievements or failures in their life.
The human freedom is like the freedom of a cattle tied to a rope with a limited length. Although it might appear that the animal could move around its contours of liberty is already pre defined, perhaps not known to the animal .

The influence of the transit Saturn in Scorpio for the last 6 zodiacs of the solar system is discussed below.

Libra:- The last 2 and a half year of transit Saturn in Libra had a mixed effect on the natives of this zodiac in as much as , the zodiac Libra being the exaltation point of Saturn while the movement also meant the middle period of the 7 and a half Saturn for the native.
The ensuing 27 months period of the movement of Saturn would affect the natives  of this Rasi adversely from the point of view of Income, family ,and relationships in general. The mental peace of the people would be at stake and there is a need to take care of the health. The focus here is on the gains and income and as such one is advised to be careful in ones budget. The planet Saturn being yoga karaka for these natives and the aspect of Jupiter for the first 8 months would mitigate the evil effect to a considerable extend.
You are in the midst of the seven and a half Saturn ( Sadesathi) and you are warned too. Saturn being 3rd and 4th lord is neutral yet its placement in own Rasi would trigger all sleeping health problems and make one worried for both the body and for the mind.
The Moon of the Scorpio is debilitated and the people born on Scorpio rasi would have a volatile mind and indecisive approach to life and situations unless compensating features are present in the chart.To add fuel to the fire Saturn now afflicts the moon thus making the mind more vulnerable to wrong, hasty and trivial decisions. One also could get worried often and get absent minded and lose articles and opportunities.

The middle portion of sade-sathi or seven and a half Saturn period is a period of great challenges and missed opportunities. While one could try with all his/her might one also need to cultivate a philosophical attitude towards life for peace and contentment?

Sagittarius:-(Dhanu Rasi)
Transit Saturn being in 12th rasi you are just in the beginning of Sade Sathi. Mounting expenditure,  reduced income , increase in opposition etc could maul you unless you have strong will and meticulous planning. People whose chart is strong with a good second house and lord and with a strong Jupiter and strong Moon would escape the wrath with their might while the natives with weak planets and houses concerned would have serious problems with their financial management.
Seperation from spouse and lack of sleep could make a toll on the health. One is advised to perform the remedies to mitigate the impending catastrophe.
Capricon (Makara):-
Like the virgo natives Capricon  is the other Rasi ( Zodiac)that gets benefited by this transit.Transit Saturn being in 11th the house of gains all round gains could be expected.However ill health for children and problems in ones own health need to be watched. Saturn being the lord of the Rasi being in 11th would of course would give physical happiness.
Being the lord of second in 11th the coming 2 and a half year period , would be of gains and profits.

Saturn the lord of this zodiac moves into 10th house the house of career and work. One could expect a change for the better in career since the lord of the rasi is moving into 10th unlike other rasis. Had been any other arsi this transit could have brought problems at work place. The natives of this Rasi would also face more expenditure, separation from family, and sleeplessness.It could create problems in gadgets/vehicles/articles and also could separate one from his family. The only solace is the lord ship of lagna and 12th as well as the aspect of Jupiter to the Saturn for another 8 months.One is advised to follow the karma reversals at their will and choice.

Pisces ( Meena):-
Saturn is moving into  your house of luck and this is one of the trines that is favorable. Saturn is normally favorable in all upachaya houses of 36 10 and 11 besides the house of trines the 5th and 9th . The 11 th lord moving into 9th brings unexpected gains and windfalls besides spiritual and philanthropic pursuits.  You could get moved by others sufferings and agony.

The relationship with the younger ones i.e younger siblings and with neighbours could be strained. Those who want to give you trouble for their advantage will get disappointed .The presence of Jupiter in 5th in an exalted state aspecting the Saturn could make the financial position still comfortable.

I would be suggesting religion neutral remedies first since Karma reversal is common to all irrespective of your school of thought. I would also be suggesting religious remedies .
1)   Donations to old people and destitutes. providing of  help for health causes would be better since Saturn is placed in Scorpio.
2)   Feedings of Crows and buffaloes on Saturdays or Tuesdays.
3)   Help for people who are lame/physically differently abled.
Religious Remedies:-
1)   Offering of lamp and oil to Saneeshwara in Navagraha temple or Sani temple
2)   Visit to Sani Singhapur or Thirunellar temple in T.N. or any other similar exclusive Sani temples.
3)   Offer oil in a horse shoe in a container and light Lamps in Sani or Hanuman temples on a Saturday.
4)   Special prayers on Saturday in church/mosque/synagogue situated in North west to your place of residence.
5)   Recite Sani ashothrara Nama on Saturdays.
Righteous living and compassion towards the society and above all leading the life as a good human being could stall any serious setbacks as I have experienced in my 30 yesras of astrological experience. No amount of remedies would salvage you unless you align with the mother nature and its inhabitants whether living or non living and treat every other fellow beings and animals and birds with compassion and care. I would therefore advise all those who have affliction by Saturn to be charitable, compassionate, and righteously inclined.

I pray the Mother nature and my most revered preceptor Lord Shiva to grant their blessings for one and all.
 Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavandu!!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Transit Saturn in Scorpio 2014 Predictions- Saturn transits to Vrishchika Rasi Effects for all 12 Rasis (zodiacs) and Remedies –Part-II

Transit Saturn in Scorpio 2014 Predictions- Saturn transits to Vrishchika Rasi  Effects for all 12 Rasis (zodiacs) and Remedies –Part-II

In my earlier post I was discussing about the general indications of the transit of Saturn into Scorpio as it affect the world and the mundane affairs of the universe. I was also explaining about the influence of other transit planets on Saturn during the impending 27 months period of journey of the planet judge through the house of Scorpio.

Having explained the results in general let us see what is in store for the individual horoscopes based on the Rasi or the natal position of Moon in the Birth Chart so that no one would be taken by surprise or caught unaware about the results waiting for the individuals on account of the movement of the most dreaded planet.

Aries:-( Mesha)
 Saturn the owner of 11th and 10th houses is a benefic for the Rasi. Having placed in 8th , the transit of Saturn in Scorpio could bring challenges in health especially those who are weak in constitution and those who suffer from rheumatic, gout or joint pain related ailments. It could also bring diseases of the reproductive system and on parts below the navel. People born in Aries Rasi could however get elevations in employment or transfer to their choice place or even a new employment for the un employed provided the running Dasa Bhukthi is not adverse. It could also drain your Income and make you less vociferous for the coming 3 years besides bringing anxiety of/for  children. The focus this year would be on career as the Jupiter also exerting influence on the Karma Karaka and the house of career. Hence take care of health and enjoy any wind fall in the career front. Be wiser in spending and be pragmatic regarding children.

Taurus:-( Rishabha)
Saturn is a fatherly figure for this Rasi. Naturally Saturn would do lesser damage for people who are born in Taurus. The yogakaaraka planet that owns the 10th and 9th thus represent ting the Dharma and Karma is moving into the 7th  the house of partnership, relationships and realization of desires. Although favourable functionally, this transit would trigger problems in married life, relationships, partnerships etc. it would spoil the peace of mind and also could create health hazards like rheumatic and arthritis problems. The aspect of Jupiter from third to 7th would compensate the evil effect a lot for about a year up to June 2015.  separation from the spouse and influence of elderly Men/women would also manifest. Should the natal chart of any individual indicates weak moral strength, such people need to be cautious to avoid scandals and bad reputation on account of the relationship with the opposite sex. Further those who are having ailing spouse or unhealthy spouse need to take special care about their health to avoid serious problems. The first half of 2016 would be really a period of concern as far as the relationship is concerned.

GeminiL( Mithuna Rasi)

The lord of luck being Saturn Gemini rasi people are not much vulnerable for the wrath of Saturn. The present transit being into 6th house, one could expect settlement of long pending court cases, freedom from diseases and enemies. However expenditure would mount and arthritis for hands and shoulders need to be taken care of.  There could be problems with younger siblings and neighbours on trivial issues .
One should be careful with regard to food and take care of ailments related to digestive systems. Unexpected expenditure and  sluggish sex life could also be predicted. If Saturn is strong in the natal chart the evil effects would be reduced and vice versa.

Cancer:-( Kataka)

The lord of 7th and 8th Saturn is not a functional benefic for this native unless the lord is very powerful. The placement of transit Saturn in 5th might bring anxieties and concerns about the off springs.  Ill health for children, or separation from children could be expected. It is all the more evident during the next one year when transit Jupiter stays in Cancer. Staying away from family and dissolution of partnership etc could be expected. Income drain and uncontrolled expenditure or wasteful expenditure might disturb the native. The coming 2 and a half period  demands propitiation of Lord Saturn and performing of the vedic remedies that I would suggest at the end of the report.  


Of all the rasis Leo is the least favoured rasi by the Saturn although Saturn is debilitated in Mesha Rasi. It is because Saturn the son of Sun is at enmity with the latter and always like to give trouble for those who are favoured by his father.The transit Saturn in Scorpio would destroy the mental peace of the people born in this rasi and would also create ill will or ill health for mother or motherly people. There could be sale of house or a movement from the present dwelling place. Problems in the career front and excess of expenditure over income could destroy the peace at home. Jupiter also being in 12th in transit chart , there could be very bad pressure on personal budget. It is advised not to enter into new ventures or do high commitments. There could be lethargy in doing work or projects could be unduly delayed in spite of best efforts.

Virgo:-( Kanya)

One of the most benefited Rasis by the present transit of Lord Saturn. Delayed projects would take off and there would be renewed energy and dynamism on all activities. The planet being lord of 5th and 6th is a yogakaraka and by the virtue of its transit the long awaited relief from the sadesathi or 7 and a half Saturn effects is realized. Jupiter also being in the most auspicious position the Virgo born people should realize whatever was eluding them for long. However the transit would also bring expenditure and staying away from family.

The indications above are based purely on the natal Moon as I am not in a position to decipher the result of transit Saturn with respect to all the major planets , in the absence of your individual birth chart . Such an intricate analysis would throw light on the exact effect of  transit Saturn. You could request a reading here if you so desire.

The remedies for the transit Saturn in Scorpio  would be discussed in my last Part of this article .

Sunday, November 02, 2014

SATURN TRANSIT INTO SCORPIO (VRISCHIKA)- RESULTS and REMEDIES-PART-I -Effect for the World in General and for India.

Saturn Transit  into Scorpio - 2014- Results and Remedies –I

By Raveendranath Menon

Transit Saturn  in Vrischika Rasi. Effect for the World and for the Country ( India)-

Saturn the great taskmaster and Karmic Leveler,   after its majestic sojourn on the throne in Libra, its exaltation point, transits to Scorpio at 22 .31 hours of 2nd November 2014 after a period of 30 long years.It would be stationed in that Rasi ( Zodiac) until 26 January 2017.It would be in retrograde motion though in the same Rasi for 2 times for about 8 months period .To be precise between 14 March and 2nd of August 2015 and then again between 26 March and 16 August 2016.The retrograde Saturn is believed to give better results and some school of thoughts also give the planets in retrograde the effects of its previous house, although I do not subscribe to this view.
Transit of Saturn unlike the transit of other planets is of immense importance in astrological parlance considering its long stay in a zodiacal sign as well as the amount of influence it exerts on the houses and planets by the very nature of the planet. While some school of thoughts give lesser prominence for the Gochara ( Transit)  of planets , I have observed  from my 3 decades of astrological experience , that the influence of transits of  planets Jupiter and Saturn has  enormous effect on the mundane life of the living and non living bodies.

While the operating periods of functional as well as natural benefics could compensate the transit effects to some extent ,it cannot be completely offset its influence of these 2 major Karmic representatives  and needs to be taken seriously.

Normally the transit of Saturn is being looked upon as a major event astrologically as well as spiritually , since Lord Saturn the great leveler and the supreme judge could make sweeping changes in the life of human beings (as well as on the events of nature) that could be either positive or negative depending upon various factors like the conjunction and the aspect of other planets as well as based on the ascendant and the moon sign called Rasi of the people on earth to say the least. While an intricate prediction and probable incidents as a result of the transit of Saturn would depend on a variety of factors, like the transit of other planets and consequent combined influence of them on the life of an individual , the Vedha by other planets during the transit, the moorthy nirnaya applications and of course the individual's own Planetary position in the natal horoscope . Such an analysis only could pin point the exact implications of the transit Saturn on the life of an individual and need to be highly subjective.

My  endeavor in this small write up is not to have such a complicated analysis on
the transit Saturn into Scorpio ( which of course could be attempted on demand) but
to present before the common reader certain general indications and major areas of influence on the life and person of the individual , for the benefit of a layman ,so as to make them prepared to face the challenges more pragmatically  and effectively with the strength of the individual will and also by invoking the blessing of the planets and masters to carry on this inevitable but challenging journey through the ocean of life.

General Mundane indications for the world in General:-

Saturn moves into Scorpio , the 8th house from the first Zodiac of the solar system .  Having spend almost 2 and half a year in 7th the house of love and partnership where it might not have been done major disasters due to its exaltation point, the entry into the 8th house of the Kalapurush could invite some serious challenges and troubles for those who born in this zodiacl sign as well as generally for the world.

While the transist Saturn in Libra for the last 2 and a half years resulted in innumerable sufferings for the women folk of the world by means of atrocities in many a country especially in the middle east like Syria and Iraq as well as in other countries , the period also brought the fall and disrepute for the leading ladies of the nation like the UPA chief Sonia Gandhi in the form of her failure to continue in power, and J. Jayalalitha in her infamous litigation and imprisonment  .The  untold sufferings for the hundreds of thousands of Khurshid women cannot be ignored in this context

Transit Saturn in Scorpio   is therefore moving into a watery sign , although   the owner of which Mars is a fiery planet . As far as the sign Scorpio is concerned it is fixed, watery, and a feminine sign, It rules  sexual organs of the person and the eighth house of the horoscope. It represents strong  mystical personality,  and intense  emotions. Having seen the qualities of the Rasi to which the Saturn now moves into, let us also examine the influence of other planets mainly that of Jupiter the largest Mass among the planets  on the transit Saturn for these 2 and a half year period. Jupiter being in cancer in a trine from the transit Saturn ,would be aspecting the latter and would be containing its malefic power to a great extend until sometime June 2015 and as such the evil effect of the Saturn in Scorpio would bloom to its full extend only after the middle of 2015 and could last only for about 18-19 months as per the driganitha calculations.

Saturn being in the 8th house of the Kalpurush , many mysteries and secrets are going to be unraveled and make bomb shells across the world… The unearthing of the Black money of Indians , the conspiracies of the nations, the mysteries behind many a intervention by the great powers etc. could come out and surprise the world.

The transit Saturn in Scorpio could invoke natural disasters in the form of Air crashes as it was happened in 1985 when the planet Saturn was in Scorpio , when the Air India flight 182  crashed above the Atlantic ocean. This is not mere coincidence as Saturn the planet that represents Earth when in the house of Mars the fiery planet could make explosions earth quakes and such other sudden explosions either by the act of Humans or by the act of Nature. The solace this time is the aspect of Jupiter the saviour , on the Saturn and on the Rasi of scorpio until June 2015.However the period March 2016 to june 2016 when mars conjoins the Saturn in the house of Scorpio would be a period of great risk and vulnerability as far the natural and man made disasters are concerned.

The countries represented by  Scorpio as per western Astrology are  Norway, Algeria, Morocco, Tahiti,  Korea, Syria & Uruguay where as  the cities are  Liverpool, New Orleans, Newcastle, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, Milwaukee and  Halifax. These countries and cities need special mention while considering the vulnerability for unexpected events.

As far as India is concerned , the North western states can be considered as  represented by the sign Scorpio with slight tilt towards west hence the states would  be, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana,  Punjab,Rajasthan , Gujarat and Parts of Maharashtra.

I am not attempting a comprehensive prediction for the entire 3 years ( almost) of Saturn’s Sojourn in Scorpio since that would be voluminous and beyond the scope of my small write up. However , I would divide the entire  period in to  6 months each and would try to decipher the results at a later date.

The effect for the each Individual zodiacs (Rasis) in the Horoscope as per Vedic System is being published separately.

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1) Effects of Rahu in Various houses –2)Results of Rahu Mahadasha and 3) Effective Remedies for Malefic Rahu

1)   Effects of   Rahu in Various  Houses –2) Results of  Rahu Mahadasha and  3) Effective Remedies for Malefic Rahu 

Rahu and Kethu as  Planets in Vedic Astrology:-

Rahu the North node of the Moon, known as dragons head is treated as a planet in Vedic astrology. The nodes Rahu and Kethu have been given the status of planets in Vedic astrology and  when calculating the operating  periods of the planets according to the constellation of the moon at the time of birth of an individual ,these shadow planets have been given equal status of other major planets like Jupiter Saturn, Mercury Etc.
It is interesting to observe that Rahu,  has been assigned almost equal number of years, a long as 18 years under the Vimshothari (Means 120) Dasa system like  that of Saturn, that has its ruling period as 19 years . This prove that the sages after due research  had come to the conclusion that the effect of these shadowy planets is no less than the other major planets. As per the astrological dictums   Rahu behaves like Saturn and kethu like Mars.(Kujavath Kethu and Sanivath Rahu)
Placement  in Various Zodiacal Signs:-
As indicated   above, one may not ignore the effect of these shadowy planets, whether in transits or in the  natal chart. As indicated , since Rahu behaves like Saturn and kethu like Mars, both these planets are considered as malefic . It would be worthwhile to discuss the characteristics of these planets before we proceed to analyse the effect of Rahu in various houses. It would  also be appropriate to explain astronomically, what Rahu and kethu means. Moon in its orbit from South to North crosses the ecliptic . This point of intersection is known as Rahu. Diametrically opposite to this point, Moon  crosses the ecliptic during its moment from north to south and that point is called the dragons tail or Ketu. One needs to be aware that these points are not stationary and they have a mean motion of 19° and 30 m in a year which is why in Vedic astrology the time to complete one  orbit of  the 12 zodiac by these planets  is taken as 18 years. From the above it is clear that Rahu and kethu do not have physical identities but they are only calculated points. The Vedic astrology takes only the true position of Rahu and not the main position. It is worth mentioning that the ancient Hindu astrologers were the first to mention about this point, which helped for deducing eclipses. Having come to understand what Rahu and kethu means both astronomically as well as astrologically let us examine the characteristics of these shadow planets and how it affects the life of human beings that  incarnate on Earth.
The Characteristics of Rahu as per Vedic Astrology:-
In Vedic astrology Rahu is considered as a first rate malefic planet where as kethu though  a malefic, is considered  to be a planet with  spiritual qualities. It is considered as extremely cruel, a cheater, poisonous, a dealer of drugs and poison, a schemer, and one who represents all mysterious diseases that cannot be diagnosed. It also denotes a person of harsh speech, unclean, outcast, a foreigner, one who dwells in un clean place and does illegal activities. One may find that all the above qualities are negative in nature and how one could predict anything good by the placement of the planet anywhere in the zodiacal signs? But the fact is otherwise. It could be very beneficial for many people depending upon its placement and the influence it has from other planets. It is an unresolved puzzle in Vedic astrology, which is the own house and exaltation house of this planet. There are various schools of thought with regard to the own house and exaltation houses of Rahu. This author prefers to follow the Parasara school of thought. As per Parasara, the exaltation house of Rahu is Taurus and its own house is Aquarius. Rahu is also beneficial in the house of Mercury that is both in Germany and in Virgo. It would not harm if it is placed in the house of Moon, that is in cancer and also in the house of Saturn that is Capricorn and  Aquarius . It also represents uncontrolled desire of material gains depending on its placement. The uncanny desire of Rahu is because of its craving for a body which it has lost, similarly Kethu always craves for spiritual advancement and knowledge as Kethu does not have a head. Although these representations are for easy understanding, the fact remains that during  the period of Rahu one gets greedy and also used to get tempted for all illegal and unnatural activities for the sake of material gains. One could observe that many a liquor baron and speculator, casino players, and people of other illegal or dubious business make big fortune only to lose it later at the same speed during the main period.

Rahu in Eastern and Western Astrology:-
As Rahu represents serpent, the poisonous creature, its affinity and connection to poisonous substances of the universe is well known. In terms of illness it indicates all types of skin disease, cancers, Tumours, and all other difficult to diagnose diseases of the human beings. It  is the major indicator of the dreaded disease cancer and other fatal eruptions on the body. It also denotes epidemics contagious diseases and diseases of unclean origin. However if Rahu is in  the house of most benefic planets like Jupiter Venus or Mercury it bestows the owner with good health during its period but for the trouble connected with the part which is represented by the dispositor of Rahu, an irony, which the students of astrology, need to ponder over. Rahu might also do well in the house of Saturn, provided Saturn is well placed and is fairly strong. Western astrology considers this planet as a benefic planet that bestows unprecedented benefit for the individual. This might be due to the fact that Rahu being a planet craving for material gains without any spiritual bend of mind, would grand immediate gains by dubious means. If the only consideration for an individual is materialistic gains, then Rahu could be considered as a benefic planet. However the Vedic astrology and the Hindu philosophy of life do not value materialistic gains as supreme. On the other hand wisdom, virtues, sacrifice, detachment, spiritualism etc. are considered as the  most valuable and cherished  qualities in life. The difference in the treatment of this planet  in the Western Astrology and in the Eastern Astrology might be due to this difference in perception and approach to life, by the two distinct civilizations.
To be continued……….

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Vedic Astrology:-Karma, Destiny and Free will - Is Life destined? What do Astronomy and Ancient Hindu Scriptures unfold?

Vedic Astrology:-Karma, Destiny and Free will - Is Life destined?
What do Astronomy and Ancient Hindu Scriptures unfold?

Vedic Astrology , an ever green subject:-

Destiny and free will are perhaps two of the most talked about phenomenon in spiritualism and Philosophy. Many an  author had  talked about her own perceptions about those  two opposite drivers of life   , that were varied and multi dimensional in approach. Albert Einstein had once stated  “ I do not know what this free will is, that people talk about” There are many modern scientists that agree with Mr. Einstein in this poser!! However as pure  mortals of this planet, we always want to convince ourselves  that life is not  a dictated play from some higher being/s and humans do have an active role to play here. While, my perception about this phenomenon,   is  ever evolving,  the following post would explain to  you about ,my  stand  on this aspect . (Readers have every right to agree , disagree or despise the rationale behind this write up; and  it would be revealed to you in due course,  as you read on this  post., that  it ( your perception) might not have any effect on either the philosophy itself, or on the author . )

 Brihat Jathaka by Varaha Mihira,  A Gem among the Vedic Astrology Classics:-

Recently I had the occasion to read the commentary on  Brihat Jathaka  by late Shri Chidambara iyer, an accomplished astrologer, scholar, author and the then fellow of the Theosophical Society of India , originally published by the  society   and now digitalized by Google.. Though I had read and bye hearted  this Classic text, considered to be one of the    gems of Vedic Astrology  , earlier, it was the first time that I was reading the commentary by Shri Chidambara iyer . What appealed to me most was not the commentary of the learned authour , but the Introduction, written by him. Since I had the occasions to read commentaries and translations of this classic sanskrit text of India by many a  renowned astrologer from Kerala  who were great scholars of  Sanskrit language, I had no particular  fascination towards this commentary by Mr IYER.  Mr Iyer in his introduction had dealt-in many aspects of astrology in defense of this divine science. Commenting about the lack of knowledge in this branch of science and also of the use of the paranormal phenomenon like intuition and Clairvoyance etc., the commentator explained the reason,  lack of knowledge in  astrology, as the sole and whole reason for inaccurate  prediction that lead  to the   dependency  on other paranormal tools for accurate predictions. Talking about Karma, Mr Iyer clarified that life cannot be a vicious circle of Karma and it's results. He was of opinion that such a phenomenon was beyond reasoning and the Karma and its result cannot go into an infinite loop. Defending the divine science  of astrology, Mr Iyer argued  that  the use of  wrong local meantime and/or  incorrect latitude and longitude are the major  reasons for the failure in predictions( This reason might not be valid in the present day of,  computer regime). Remember that  the book was first published in the late 1800 s.

The Role of Planets in Human Life:-

 Explaining the role of the planets and the effect of free will and Karma, Mr Iyer became very vociferous in putting his point that planets were not mere agents of punishment and reward, but on the other hand conscious decision makers to suit the requirements of the situation. it would be interesting to read the explanation  in Mr Iyer's own  words.
"Most of the eminent astronomers of the east and West believed in a double Sun, a double Moon, Mars and other planets the one is the Sthula or the physical one and the other is the Sukshma or the astral one. The difficulty in conceiving active agency as possessed by the planets when viewed in the light of huge inert balls, will be removed when we suppose that each planet possesses a soul. Besides, there is nothing repugnant to our mind in the idea that the planets together form a body of executive officers charged with the duty of rewarding and punishing humanity for their past karma by the command of the Most High, who at the same time allows each man the chance to improve his own condition by making him a free agent in many matters. A man is whipped for theft by the order of the Magistrate. He suffers for his karma the deed of theft. But the whipping officer is an active agent. Take another instance : A man does apiece of valuable service to the state ; the sovereign commands a local officer to invest the person with the order of knighthood ; the officer obeys ; the officer no doubt is an active agent though the honor was the immediate effect of the person's services. The world is a mixed field of honor, of punishment and of probation. And the planets are the rewarding and chastising officers, and meddle in no way when man exercises his free will within its own sphere."

Moving from the reasons for the pitfalls in the predictive astrology and also of  the role of Karma and the role of the planets,  Mr Iyer defended  his viewpoint about the role of free will in life. He was of opinion that there  of course existed a great amount of scope for application of one’s  free will. Citing examples from the legends and the Hindu scriptures , Mr Iyer tries to prove his point that life is not a pre-defined  story. He cites the example of the choice of time by the great sage and astrologer  Parasara for copulating  with a fisher woman, for begetting a good offspring in Ved Vyas, as a valid example for proving the effectiveness of free will.

The Fallacy of Infinite number of Horoscopes and Time Horizon :-

Mr iyer also comments on the horary astrology, the branch of astrology that predicts the immediate future by means of the position of planets at the time of the query and also based on omens. He further moves to speak a few words on the mysterious branch of astrology, called Nadi astrology. Challenging the doubts of many a rationalist about the capacity of the Nadi makers to cast millions of horoscopes, the number being infinite, Mr Iyer present before us an illuminating theory based on  astronomical arithmetic, that the number of horoscopes that could be cast ever, is not infinite but is factually finite only.
It would be revealing for you to read the reasoning behind the above argument by Mr Iyer. It goes as follows.
“The planets occupy particular places on the ecliptic at particular points of time. Every moment their positions are changing. The question then is in what period of time the planets return to their former positions. This is a question of Arithmetic, a question of the Least Common Multiple of 7 or 8 numbers. These numbers are the siderial periods of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and of the Moon, m'z.,
Mercury ... 87-9693 days.
Tenus ... 224-7008
Earth ... 365-2564
Mars ... 686-9795
Jupiter ... 4332-5848
Saturn 10759-22000
Moon ... 27 days. 7 hrs. 45 m. 11* 5 s.
Now the L- C. M. of the above numbers is the Kalpa of the Hindu Astronomy which is 4,320,000,000 siderial years. After which the planets all return to the first point of Aries at the horizon of Lanka a place on the equator whose longitude is 76 E. from Greenwich. A Kalpa consists of 1000 Chaturyugas. A Chaturyuga consists of 4320000
siderial years, of which Kaliyuga consists of 432000 siderial years.
Dwapara yuga 432000 x 2 = 80- 1-000 years.
Tretayuga ... 432000 x 3 = 1296000
Krita yuga ... 432000 x 4 = 1728000

A Kalpa forms Brahma's day, at the end of which the Mahapralaya commences. Again, the number of Rasi Chakrams or the Zodiacal representations of the positions of the planets is also limited. How ? Suppose there was only one planet, say, the Sun. He might occupy any one of the 12 houses ; so might Mars and each of the other planets. The 12 places of the Sun combined with the 12 places of Mars will give us 12 2 or 144 different places for the Sun and Mars. These combined with the 12 places of Jupiter will give 12 3 xl2 or 12 s or 1728 places for the three planets, the Sun, Mars and Jupiter. Similarly 4 planets will give 124 positions and 5 planets
will give 12 to the power of  5 positions, and so on. Now horoscopy deals with the positions of the five planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the Sun, the Moon and Rahu (Moon's ascending node). * Of these 8 planets, all, excepting the inferior planets, Mercury and Venus, will give us 12 positions. Now the greatest elongation of Mercury from the sun is about 29, and that of Venus is about 47 ; so that when the Sun occupies a particular sign, Mercury will occupy either that sign or the sign next after it or next before it ; similarly Venus will be either in the house occupied by the Sun or in one of the two signs next after it or next before it- In other words,the number already obtained will have to be increased threefold on account of Mercury and fivefold on account of Venus. The number then is 12 6 x3x5. Combine with this the 12Lagnas. The total number of Rasi Chakrams therefore is 12* x 3 x 5 x 12 = 12 ^ x 15 = 537477120. So that while the limit of time is 4320000000 siderial years, the limit of Rasi Chakrams during that period is 537477120.These figures have been stated simply with the object of dispelling certain wrong notions that the number of horoscopic Rasi Chakrams is infinite."

Moving from the reasoning behind the possibility of making all the horoscopes of human birth s, that could ever materialise on earth ,the author tries to explain the reason for the failure of Nadi leaves in predicting the future, unlike in the case of  past events,  the major criticism against the system. He was of opinion that the reason for such a phenomenon is not the inaccuracy of the predictions in the Nadi leaves written by sages, instead it was because of the wrong selection of one's leaf from a bundle of hundreds of horoscopes. He further suggests that if one could make use of a horoscope correctly cast by a learned  astrologer (presently by any good software),  he could pick up his original leaf and the future predictions written for the particular individual could be located. Although it is not my endeavor to either prove or disprove the system of Nadi astrology, I have  stated the above facts to prove that the number of horoscopes that could be cast during the entire time horizon of the solar system is indeed possible and is finite.

The logic Behind the Destiny, Unalterable:-

If we accepts  the above calculations, one interesting phenomenon that  goes unnoticed  is, should the number of horoscopes is finite , there is  the need to have a beginning and an end to the system of life cycles of all creatures including the  human beings on earth and  any other higher beings elsewhere in the  solar system. As such once one cycle completes, another cycle has necessarily to begin. Since the next cycle could not be different from the present cycle assuming the position, structure and number of the planets remaining the same, the number and the nature of horoscopes also cannot be different??!!
One line of argument against the above philosophy could be that, how could we assume that the position and the number of planets need to be the same in every  such cycle ? I have no conclusive answer for this point for the time being . However going by the rules of nature  a logical derivation would be that it cannot be  different. We all know that earth does not move clockwise one day and anticlockwise the next day. Similarly planets also do not make  erratic movements during the course of their orbit. All these points out to the fact that,  there needs to be  an order for every phenomenon.  Such being the case  it could  well  be expected  that,  the number and position of the planets can also be not different in every cycle. That means the total number of 0.53 billion horoscopes could only repeat in every cycle. The cycle of 4.3 billion years  referred to above  ( making it possible for 0.53 billion charts)  as  Kalpa in the Hindu Scriptures  is also being considered as one day in the life of Brahma, the creator. Brahma does  the creation on all days, in the same way every day,   and which explains the above cycle and the very concept of Brahma itself.

I have  yet to lead you to my point. If you go by the above theory, one needs to admit that horoscopes and lives repeat exactly the same way in  every 4.3 billion years. This leads us to the funny or surprising fact that  we had materialized on this same earth before 4.3 billion years with the same name , in the same circumstances, with the same technology, with the same surroundings, and with the same consciousness. If that is the case were is the role of freewill in a  larger time horizon? The question of free will arises  only if there is an infinite number of situations, lives, horoscopes etc . In the absence of such a system it is illusionary to expect an all together different life and events by making  the freewill work, when  in reality your freewill itself is not really free.( Or as somebody has put it.." You have free will, but not the will to make that free will")

What I have put forward is only some random thoughts that came to my mind while reading the introduction to   Brihat Jathaka,  by Sri Chidambaram iyer. The above theory though could be true might be criticized by the  'rationalist' and 'scientists' terming it as negative and contrary to the accepted  believes. Although I have no intention to cross sword with any progressive and logical mind, it would be interesting if not  fruitful to give a thought to the above line of argument and present their views.(We have nothing to lose or to gain by agreeing or disagreeing with the above philosophy since the philosophy itself is fatalistic and  as such the reactions cannot be different from the predestined...... funny is not it?)


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